Personal commissions are open!

What I’m offering: digitally drawn and colored icons and portraits of your tabletop or video game ocs, one or more characters, solid/simple background.

How to get it: STEP 1: email me saying you’re interested and tell me what type of commission you’re interested in, i.e. avatar or portrait. STEP 2: I’ll ask you to fill out this form. I may ask you to further clarify some of the info on the form before I approve it. STEP 3: Send half of the payment through Paypal, or I can do an invoice for you if you prefer. Once I receive it, I will put you on the working list and begin working on your commission. STEP 4: I will send you, by email, a .jpg file of the sketch, at which time you are welcome to request changes or tweaks. I will email you both .jpg and .png files of your finished piece, at which time you may send the other half of the payment.


  • square icon: $25

  • half- or full-body portrait (one character): $50

  • additional characters: $15 each

  • will design outfits/hairstyles/armor/weapons for an additional $10

Descriptions: please provide basic character details (hair color, eye color, skin color, body type, freckles/tattoos/scars/birthmarks/other distinguishing marks) and specify whether you would like them facing front, three-quarter view, or profile (or a more specific full-body pose). If you give me a word or two about their personality (friendly, cocky, grumpy, etc.), I will reflect that in the pose.

Reference images: please provide any screenshots, face claims, outfit/clothing refs, pose refs, etc. that you have. Please paste all the reference images directly into the commission form document so I can look through them easily. If you’ve commissioned art of your character(s) in the past, I’m happy to use that as a reference. If you have a certain pose, outfit, accessory, or hairstyle in mind, include an image of it. This saves me the time of tracking down reference images when I could just look at them and start drawing right away instead. If you request something specific and don’t provide a reference for it, I may ask you to provide one before I start drawing. If you want me to design an outfit for your character from scratch, I will happily do that, but I will apply a $10 charge.

Will draw:

  • your tabletop and video game ocs!

  • mild gore (blood/bruises)

  • nudity/mild nsfw

  • explicit nsfw on a case-by-case basis

  • mech/tech/weapons/armor (I can do just about anything with good refs)

  • bipedal humanoid anthros/aliens/monsters (again, with good refs, yes I will draw your turian ocs)

  • plants & animals (with refs)

Won’t draw:

  • heavy gore

  • hateful messages

  • complex/detailed environmental backgrounds


  • Paypal USD only

  • Half payment up front and half after you receive the final .jpg and .png files.

  • I will cover Paypal fees. My listed prices are the final prices.


  • I reserve the right to turn down anything that makes me uncomfortable. I am willing to talk with you about changing your idea so that I’m comfortable drawing it!

  • Depending on complexity, it can take me anywhere from 2 days to 2 weeks to finish a drawing. I work retail with an unpredictable schedule, so some weeks will be busier than others for me.

  • All drawings will be in my own style (I won’t do anime or realism, or imitate other artists’ styles) but I can do likenesses in my style.

  • I’m happy to do oc’s from games and ttrpgs I’m not familiar with, but I may ask for more extensive references (for example, if you want me to draw your custom Siren character from Borderlands, I will probably ask for screenshots of them and/or images of existing Sirens). That being said, I’m happy to draw your Shepards, your Inquisitors, your MechWarriors, etc.

  • The .jpg and .png files of the final product are for your personal use (i.e. do use it for your Tumblr or Twitter avatar, lock screen, Roll20 portrait, etc., but do not sell the design for profit).

  • Feel free to check out my portfolio page for more examples of my art style! Thanks so much!