Commercial Work


I will illustrate your tabletop RPGs, your zines, your poetry books! I will make title cards, game and book covers, promotional banners, podcast and Kickstarter headers! My rules and pricing are different for commercial work than for personal commission work, so please read carefully.


Interior spot illustrations:

  • sketch/lines: $40

  • Flat colors/values: $60

  • Full color: $80

Interior full page illustrations:

  • sketch/lines: $100

  • Flat colors/values: $120

  • Full color: $140

Title cards ( size), banners, ads:

  • sketch/lines: $60

  • Flat colors/values: $80

  • Full color: $100

Full cover art:

  • sketch/lines: $150

  • Flat colors/values: $170

  • Full color: $200

Terms and licensing for commercial work

  • Payment is up front, through Paypal

  • If there is a deadline for the work, I prefer to be contacted as far in advance as possible

  • I reserve the right to include the images in my portfolio, share them on social media, and sell prints; however, I will always list you as the client and direct traffic to your project.

  • I will never sell work I’ve created for your project to another project creator. If I create work specifically for you, it’s yours. You must not sell the rights to work I’ve created specifically for you and your project to third parties.

Kickstarter-specific terms

  • I still require up-front payment if I do work before a Kickstarter is funded.

  • Any work that is paid in full and completed before/during the funding of a Kickstarter may be used for promotion.

Kill fees

  • Cancellation before I send thumbnails for approval: 100% refund

  • Cancellation after sketches are received: 50% refund

  • Cancellation after final product is received: no refund available